Private Money Investor Application

This application form is for investors looking to invest in Paragon Investors' fix and flip, or buy and hold, real estate investments. This is a no-obligation application. Completing this application does not guarantee that you will receive any offers, as they are subject to current market conditions and property availability. This is not a contract. The information you provide should be accurate at the time of submission. If you have any changes to your requirements, or any questions or concerns you would like addressed prior to applying, feel free to contact us directly.

Only if investing under this business name.

What date will your funds be available for investment (liquid)?

What is the MINIMUM amount you would like to invest. We will not contact you for deals BELOW this amount.

What is the MAXIMUM amount you would like to invest? We will not contact you for deals HIGHER than this amount.

APR is dictated by each deal, and cannot be guaranteed. Please list the MINIMUM acceptable ROI for your investment. Note: Too high of an ROI will limit the number of deals you will be eligible for.

Typical Answers: All northern NV, Within 10 miles of Reno, Reno and Surrounding Areas, Anywhere! etc...

Typical Answers: Nothing north of Spanish Springs, Not Carson City, etc..

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